Strategic aliances

One of our objectives is to establish strategic alliances with providers and clients that will lead to mutually beneficial, long-term relationships.

We currently have alliances with the following companies:

Tecnovex was founded in 2006. It has over 30 employees and provides engineering and construction services for industrial processes, telecommunications, power generation and the petrochemical industry.

The alliance between Uniserv S.A. and Tecnovex S.A. allows us to work together on the installation of B Nodes and BTS GSM. Uniserv is responsible for the planning, project management and integration of nodes while Tecnovex is responsible for the physical installation of equipment and the radio systems.

Ledefyl was founded in 1995 and specializes in telecommunications services in this region as well as in the Caribbean. They have over 40 specialized technicians at their disposal.

The alliance between Uniserv and Ledefyl allows us to work jointly in order to ensure adequate personnel are available to meet all technical requirements and any volume of work for all our projects.

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