América Móvil – Claro

Installation, Commissioning & Integration of more than 50 Nortel class B GSM BTS:

  • Site survey.
  • Equipment reconfiguration and commissioning.
  • Physical installation of BTS, antenna, feeder, etc.
  • Integration of BTS.
  • PM & Quaility Reports.

Rehoming of more than 200 BTS:

  • Migration of BTS from/to BSC.
  • Link preparation and crossconections.
  • Field test and call test.
  • Database engineering.
  • PM & Quality reports.

GSM Access Core Equipment Installation:

  • Physhical Installation and Commissioning of GSM BSCs/TCUs Nortel in a live network.
  • Engineering Services that allow new network configuration.
  • Integration Services.
  • Technical Support during network reconfiguration.

Sites Search and negotiation:

  • More than 40 sites acquired in Uruguay.

Site Audit & Acceptance:

  • More than 100 Audit & Acceptance of 2G/3G sites in Uruguay.
  • Inlcudes services of new sites and swaps from Nortel to Nokia Siemens.

Drive Test Services:

  • Drive Test Service for 2G/3G networks that allow rapid and efficient RF problems detection.

Antenna Reconfiguration Service:

  • Reconfiguration of existing antenna system according new optimization plan.
  • Report preparation including all changes performed on site.

Link Preparation Service:

  • Link preparation service considering new TX links, links reconfiguration and TX equipment installation.
  • The service included legacy E1 TDM links and Ethernet & Optical links as well.

Spectrum Clearance Service:

  • We have provided RF spectrum clearance service for new and existing RF blocks for Claro wireless networks.
  • The service included: audit of new and existing RF blocks for future wireless service such as 3G 2nd Carrier and LTE, interference hunting and triangulation in case of finding interference sources.
  • The service also included a full report preparation including all data gathered on the field per band/direction with all RF characterizations parameters and specific reports for Telecommunications Regulators in case of specific interference sources.

NodeB Reassembly Service:

  • We have provided NodeB reassembly service which included:
  • Engineering services for NodeB hardware, creating an equipment list for 60 nodes.
  • Equipment survey in warehouse to determine hardware availability and new equipment.
  • Equipment software load and testing to determine hardware santity prior installation.
  • Full kitting for 60 nodes, preparation of detailed equipment list.

Assisted Operation Service:

  • During 2012 and 2013 we have provided human and material resources for  assisted operation and technical support for 2G/3G Base stations for Claro wireless network:
  • Implement corrective and preventive maintenance task on BTS 2G/3G and TX equipment.
  • Support in case of emergency during 24 x 7 hrs.

ANTEL – Ledefyl

Technical Support for GSM/Packet Core Networks:

  • Technical Support for 2nd & 3th Level for GSM Access and GPRS/UMTS Packet Core Networks.
  • On Call Support 24×7

Maintenance Service for Outdoor System:

  • Radio System Maintenance: preventive and corrective maintenance service for more than 100 BTS in Uruguay.

Nokia Siemens Networks

Hybrid Backhaul implementation:

  • Implementation of Hybrid Backhaul in NodeB for Dual IuB/MPLS allowing the transport of 3G/4G data service using an Ethernet backhaul.
  • Service implemented in more than 400 Sites in Claro Network.

3G NodeB Installations:

  • Planning (Site Survey).
  • Installation of distributed NodeB, power plant, antennas system.
  • Commissioning of NodeB & Power plant.
  • Integration of new site to the Network.

Expansion of 2nd system Module in live network.

  • 2nd System Module expansion in NodeB allowing Channel Element capacity increase.
  • Installation, commissioning and integration.

3G NodeB Sectorization:

  • NodeB sectorization from 3 sectors to 4/6 allowing capacity increase.
  • Planning, installation, commissioning and integration in live network.

Trilogy International

Technical Support during MSC SWAP from Nortel to NSN:

  • Customized method for migration of BSCs.
  • Assistance for datafill.
  • Assistance during migration.

Packet Core Network Audit:

  • KPI investigation for network performance assessment.
  • HW & SW review of the network architecture.
  • Traffic subscribers profile analysis.
  • Recommendation for optimization of existing resources.
  • Engineering services for new equipment needed.

PCUSN Expansion:

  • Customized method for expansion.
  • Network datafill for PCUSN expansion.
  • Implementation on live network.
  • Documentation & acceptance.

GSM & GPRS Training:

  • On site customer training on Nortel GSM/GPRS networks to customer support engineers, for advanced maintenance and support tasks.

Network Audit and Engineering Services for KPI Improvements:

  • Network Audit and Engineering Services to improve network performance on Call Success Rate that directly impact on final customer satisfaction.


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